Updates to Auto Insurance Policies and Regulations for Transportation Network Companies

The upcoming transportation network companies (TNCs) around Spring Grove, IL, have revolutionized how people travel. They have also prompted updates to auto insurance policies and regulations. As these companies grow in the transportation industry, policymakers and insurers are working to ensure adequate coverage.

Coverage Requirements

Challenges in regulating TNCs are determining the appropriate insurance coverage requirements for drivers. Original auto insurance policies may not have enough coverage while drivers are engaged in commercial activities for TNCs. Many jurisdictions have implemented regulations requiring TNC drivers to carry specialized insurance coverage that extends during periods of active ride-hailing.

Hybrid Coverage Models

In response to regulatory requirements and the evolving nature of TNC operations, insurers have developed hybrid coverage models tailored to the unique needs of drivers participating in ride-hailing services. These policies typically provide coverage for personal use during: 

  • Period 1 (at the time of logging into the app but has not received a passenger)
  • Period 2 (when the driver accepts a passenger’s request for a ride)
  • Period 3 (when the driver has the passenger on board the vehicle)

Collaboration with TNCs

Insurers have also collaborated seamlessly with TNCs to integrate insurance offerings into their platforms. Many TNCs provide liability coverage for drivers while actively engaged in ride-hailing activities. Additionally, some TNCs offer contingent coverage during periods 1 and 2, protecting drivers who may not have sufficient coverage under their auto policies.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory agencies continue to update and refine TNC operations regulations and insurance requirements. By complying with and staying informed about applicable laws, TNCs and insurers can mitigate legal risks and maintain trust in stakeholders’ laws.

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