Four pieces of misinformation out there about home insurance

Homeowners in Spring Grove, IL should be accurately informed about home insurance. Fortunately, we can answer all your questions about home insurance at Spring Grove Insurance.

The following are four pieces of misinformation to be aware of when it comes to home insurance:

Your home insurance will cover all the belongings in your home.

Home insurance typically offers some coverage for personal possessions in a home. However, this coverage is capped at a certain dollar amount.

If you have especially valuable belongings in your home, you may need to add more personal property coverage to ensure that your belongings are completely covered. 

Home insurance coverage will cover medical costs if members of your household become injured.

Home insurance policies do offer bodily injury coverage. However, this coverage pays for medical costs that result from a guest’s injuries. Medical costs for household members are not covered by home insurance. 

A home insurance policy will cover you for any natural disaster.

Unfortunately, you cannot rely on your home insurance to pay for all the repair costs that result from natural disasters. Damages caused by events like earthquakes or floods are not covered under standard home insurance policies. 

You’ll have to pay more for home insurance after you file a claim. 

Homeowners shouldn’t be worried about filing a claim because they think it will make their premiums go up. In most cases, filing one claim does not impact premium costs at all. 

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