Full-Timer RV Insurance Explained

Perhaps you have traveled the country in your RV and found Spring Grove IL the perfect place to settle down. Or maybe you’ve parked your RV in your driveway for years and now that you retired, you want to travel the country with your RV as your full-time home.

Let Spring Grove Insurance help you update your RV policy, so you obtain the correct coverage because you’ll need a different policy to cover your RV. You will need a full-timer policy, which covers your RV like a home instead of like an automobile.

Full-Timer RV Insurance: What You Need To Know

Your typical RV policy offers coverage like that of an auto policy – liability, personal property damage, bodily injury and death, comprehensive, and collision insurance. That’s because you drive it on the road and that increases your chances of an accident.

When you decide to live in your RV full time, you need to amend your policy. You’ll typically tie down the RV much like you would a mobile home. It will receive a permanent electrical line and water line, even if you need to use a holding tank for the water. You’ll no longer move it from one location to another.

For that last reason, you’ll drop your bodily injury and death coverage and collision coverage but increase your comprehensive coverage and liability coverage. You increase the latter two policy types because you will have other individuals in your RV as your home more often, which increases your liability. Increasing your comprehensive coverage means you’ll obtain higher coverage limits for named perils such as fire or tornado.

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