Motorcycle Insurance and You: Why You Need a Policy Even if You Rarely Ride

Owning a motorcycle is a significant investment; you need a strong policy to keep you safe. At Spring Grove Insurance, we can help Spring Grove, IL residents like you find a policy that makes sense. Please read through this blog to learn more about how great coverage can protect you.

Legal Protection 

In Illinois, motorcycle insurance is required if you want to drive a bike. Of course, you can drive without a policy, but what happens if you’re pulled over or get into an accident? Expect lawsuits that will affect you financially for years to come and real criminal charges.

Financial Support 

Your insurance policy is designed to protect you from various dangers and risks that could seriously impact your overall financial health. For example, if you crash into somebody’s business and cause serious damage, your policy can help pay for repairs and minimize legal risks.

Liability Safety 

Did you know you could be considered at fault in a motorcycle crash if you drove poorly? Even if you get hurt the most, you could still be liable and have to pay for other people’s recovery. Avoid this danger by getting liability protection on your motorcycle insurance policy.

Replacement Help 

Your bike is a beautiful thing, and suddenly losing it in a severe crash or even after theft can be devastating emotionally and financially. However, your motorcycle insurance can protect you by providing loss recovery that will pay for your replacement up to the bike’s actual value.

We’re Here for You

Don’t hesitate to contact us at Spring Grove Insurance if you want a motorcycle insurance policy that fits your needs. Our Spring Grove, IL team fully understands these policies and can provide the effective and meaningful support that makes the most sense for your needs as a bike owner.

Three Resources to Take Advantage Of When You Need Motorcycle Insurance

When it comes to motorcycle insurance, there are a plethora of helpful tools at your disposal. Insuring your bike in Spring Grove, IL is essential and legally required. Here at Spring Grove Insurance, we understand how difficult it can be to find the right motorcycle policy for your needs. 

The following are three resources to take advantage of when you need motorcycle insurance:

Your Motorcycle Dealership

When you buy your motorcycle, you should talk to your motorcycle dealer about your motorcycle insurance needs. Your motorcycle dealer may be able to recommend a good coverage option in your area. They may even have advice on defensive driving courses in the area that could qualify you for a discount.

Online Insurance Quotes

You can use sites online to compare motorcycle insurance options from national brands. These sites can quote you a generic policy that meets the legal coverage requirements. But, if you’re looking for a motorcycle insurance policy that meets your specific needs as a motorcycle driver in Spring Grove, IL then look no further than Spring Grove Insurance.

Our representatives at Spring Grove Insurance

You can contact our insurance agency for assistance in determining the best motorbike insurance coverage option. We will not only answer your coverage inquiries, but we will also provide you with a quote on insurance from our firm. We are proud to serve the residents of Spring Grove, IL and can help you today!

Give Us A Call

Feel free to email or call us at Spring Grove Insurance if you need to learn more about your motorcycle insurance options. We’re happy to insure motorcycle owners with the coverage they can count on!

Why Should You Get The Maximum Motorcycle Insurance For Your Protection?

Spring Grove Insurance provides insurance services to the Spring Grove, IL area. If you enjoy commuting or weekend rides with your bike on scenic back roads and amazing cityscapes then you already know the basic insurance requirements in Illinois. Here are some reasons to consider increasing your coverage before you take your next trip. 

Motorcyclists Face Unique Risks On The Open Road

Chances are if you get into an accident on your motorcycle the physical injuries you receive to your person are going to be significantly worse than they would be if you were in another vehicle. This increased physical risk alone is reason enough to increase your coverage to fully protect yourself and any passengers on your bike. 

Motorcycles are easier to steal than other vehicles so a policy that covers theft is vital to offset this risk. Motorcycles are also vulnerable to accessory damage or theft and specific coverage for these items or events can save the day if your bike is tampered with or stolen from. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about the items that may be covered within an insurance policy or add-on. 

If you store your motorcycle on the back of your RV or truck during long trips you face unique risks to the bike that should be considered when you purchase your auto, RV, and/or motorcycle coverage. 

Give Us A Call

Contact us at Spring Grove Insurance if you are interested in an insurance policy for your motorcycle or if you have any questions about specific coverage, we love to find ways to protect your assets to the fullest and even save you money. We serve Spring Grove, IL and the surrounding areas.

Get the Most Out of Your Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is needed to ride your bike in the United States legally, and it is your responsibility to maintain adequate insurance coverage. When owning a motorcycle, you want to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of riding in Spring Grove, IL, possible. You also want to ensure you receive the most out of your motorcycle insurance. For assistance with motorcycle insurance, call the experts at Spring Grove Insurance today. 

Avoid Unnecessary Risks

The best ways to avoid taking unnecessary risks when riding a motorcycle include driving at safe speeds and avoiding uneven terrains and poorly paved roads. In addition, to help reduce risks, it is recommended to perform routine maintenance on your bike, including checking the tread on the tires. Finally, if sick, injured, or under the influence of alcohol or other substances, refrain from riding your motorcycle. You have fewer claims against your insurance by avoiding these risks, which helps keep your premiums down. 

Take a Higher Deductible

Assuming a higher deductible, you can reduce your premiums for your motorcycle insurance. The deductible is the amount you pay for repairs and replacement costs before the insurance policy kicks in and pays. However, do not make your deductible so high that you are unable to pay the out-of-pocket expenses in the event of an accident. 

Purchase Seasonal Coverage

If you do not ride your motorcycle all year long, you should consider purchasing insurance seasonally. It is required to maintain liability insurance to keep it registered; however, the other insurance options are not needed when the bike sits in the garage. 

Make sure to review your motorcycle insurance policy to ensure you are getting the most out of it. Motorcycle owners in Spring Grove, IL, can call the experts at Spring Grove Insurance to discuss motorcycle insurance options. 

Who needs to get motorcycle insurance in Illinois?

People in the Spring Grove, IL area that are looking to get a new vehicle to drive should consider a motorcycle. For people with a motorcycle, it will give you a fun mode of transportation that is also efficient. As you are looking for one, you do need to think about insurance. There are several situations when someone needs this coverage. 

Those Looking to Protect Asset

One situation when someone will need to get motorcycle insurance is when they want to protect their asset. A motorcycle is a big investment, and you will want it to provide you with a mode of transportation for a long time. To ensure that your investment will pay off in the future, you should get a motorcycle insurance policy. With this coverage, you can have the protection needed to repair or replace your asset if you incur a loss.

Those Looking to Stay in Compliance

Another situation when someone will need to get motorcycle insurance is when they want to stay in compliance. Those who want to drive on a public road in this state need to meet the state’s insurance coverage standards. When you get a motorcycle insurance policy, it will have the liability protection that you need. This can ensure you remain in good standing with the law and avoid penalization.

There continues to be a lot of reasons for someone here to get motorcycle insurance. When you are ready to start looking for your next motorcycle insurance policy, it would be a good idea to call Spring Grove Insurance. For people in the Spring Grove, IL area, the Spring Grove Insurance team is a great resource. The insurance professionals can help you understand your needs and give you the support needed to build a great policy.