Commercial Insurance Protects Your Livelihood

Are you a business owner in the Spring Grove, IL area? If so, are you insured? If not, the agents at Spring Grove Insurance in Spring Grove, IL can get you started on the road to business protection.

Here are the reasons why commercial insurance is so important for your business:

  • It is required by law – most states require business insurance. Without it, your business could face risk if:
    • A customer is hurt at your place of business and sues you
    • Your building or inventory is destroyed in a fire
    • A client’s personal information is in jeopardy when a computer is stolen
  • Offers protection to your employees – This is one coverage that is a requirement in most states. Workers’ compensation insurance provides benefits if an employee suffers work-related illness or injury. If will cover:
    • Medical care
    • Lost wages
    • Funeral benefits
  • Protection for your customers – A business owner’s policy or BOP combines protection for business liability coverage and business property to help protect them from:
    • Property damage
    • Personal and advertising injury
    • Bodily injury
    • Product liability
  • Data breach insurance – protects your business and customers in the event of a security breach.
  • Helps build credibility – having the correct policies in place for your business, employees, and customers shows that you manage risk seriously.
  • Many contracts require business insurance – types of contracts that may need protection are:
    • When you rent your building from the owner or landlord
    • Borrowing money to finance product
    • Loan or client agreements
  • Business insurance helps retain and recruit employees – most people look for more than just a wage when searching for a job. Benefits such as health insurance are also important. A company with no insurance will miss out on the best employees.
  • Management is protected – the key individual or CEO that is in charge is covered if there is a costly lawsuit. In most cases, you can add this coverage to your BOP.
  • Business insurance offers protection against natural disasters such as:
    • Fires
    • Flooding
    • Hurricanes
    • Lightning
    • Tornadoes
  • Lawsuit assistance – any company can get sued and face legal expenses. If an injured employee sues you, workers’ compensation insurance can help with legal expenses. If that worker suffers a disability, workers’ comp acts as disability insurance and provides them with a benefit.

Business insurance will provide peace of mind – don’t be without it

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