Commercial Insurance in Illinois

If you've ever started a new business, you realize it's a risky proposition. Finding financial backers, seeking bank loans, finding an adequate workspace, it's not for the chicken-hearted, and you're likely to be exhausted before you open up the door on your first official day of business. It doesn't leave you with much energy to shop for insurance, does it? You can rest assured if your business is in or near Spring Grove, IL. Spring Grove Insurance is a one-stop destination for all your commercial insurance needs.

Commercial insurance is a must-have for any startup because no matter what sector you're in, you're always at risk. With your funds stretched to the breaking, just one catastrophic happening resulting in a lawsuit could put you out of business before you've even got the business off the ground. At the very least, you need Illinois state-mandated workers' compensation, disability, and unemployment insurance.

Commercial Insurance for Small Business Start-ups.

Depending on your type of business, there are several more types of commercial insurance you should have if it is within your budget.

  • Professional Liability. At the start of this momentous event is when many businesses tend to make promises that prove to be harder to deliver on than they seemed when the promise is made. It's also the time when new employees can cause errors when giving information. We're not saying this will happen to your business. Still, if it does, professional liability will provide protection should a customer or client file a lawsuit against the company, charging failure to deliver or as a result of a mistake.
  • Product Liability. Even if you take the utmost care to put out a safe, defect-free product, you need product liability insurance to protect you in the event your product causes harm or fails to meet standards. Product liability will protect you if you find yourself the focus of a lawsuit stemming from an alleged problem with the product.
  • Business Interruption Insurance. In this age, when natural disasters, civil unrest, and global pandemics can strike, forcing you to close your business and sales offices, business interruption insurance can provide a financial cushion. And depending on the policy, even protect you from a related liability lawsuit

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If you are ready to learn more about the options available, come in and see your friends at Spring Grove Insurance. We work with a variety of Illinois insurance providers, and we can find a policy to suit your startup and your startup budget. Give us a call or just drop in. Our agents in Spring Grove, IL look forward to helping you get started.

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