Umbrella Insurance in Illinois

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were sued for more than your home or car insurance covered? An incident at your home that effected your neighbors or a passerby. A large car accident in which you are to be blamed. These are worries we can remove from your thoughts with the simple addition of umbrella insurance.

How does it work?

Umbrella insurance is insurance that protects you if a person, or their property, comes to harm as a result of you or your assets. There is always the issue as to whether your appropriate insurance coverage will adequately cover the total damage or liability claim. In Illinois, an umbrella insurance policy can protect you and your assets beyond the reaches of a specific asset insurance policy if required, making you feel protected.

Some examples of situations where an umbrella policy is utilized are:

  • Significant liability claims or judgment against you.
  • You cause a multi-car accident while driving.
  • A flood starts in your home and spreads to your neighbor’s house.
  • Someone slips and falls on your property.

If you don’t have umbrella insurance and your financial responsibility is greater than your insurance liability limits, you would pay the difference out of your pocket.

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