Types of Commercial Umbrella Insurance Available

Umbrella insurance also goes by the name excess liability insurance, and this type of coverage is designed to work alongside other indemnifications already in place. The three main types are for homeowners, business owners, or vehicle operators, but you can also buy a policy for your boat or if you are a renter.

This type of insurance exists in almost every category of coverage, and you can contact your Spring Grove Insurance representative for a comprehensive list of those offered. 

Umbrella insurance also extends to landlords to cover their expenses in the event of a claim that exceeds their primary insurance coverage. In no circumstance is excess liability coverage mandated by law for residents of Spring Grove, IL, and it is entirely at the discretion of the subscriber. 

Your standard policy must be exhausted before umbrella insurance begins to pick up costs. This indemnification works well for people whose hazards may exceed the caps imposed by their regular coverage or whose holdings or valuables are more than basic limits. Umbrella insurance coverage typically runs into millions of dollars. 

You can find that there are subcategories for your industry or protected assets that are included in umbrella insurance that are not a consideration in your primary policy. Though this won’t extend to criminal situations where you are at fault, it can be applied to situations where you are the target of libel or slander and certain types of lawsuits. 

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