RV Insurance for Renting Out Your RV

Owning an RV is a great way to travel and enjoy nature while enjoying home comforts. However, you probably don’t use it year-round, or your family might have outgrown your RV in recent years. Many people turn to renting their RVs, and if you’re considering doing so, you must make sure you have the right type of insurance. 

Avoid Basic Insurance Plans

By law, all motorized vehicles need state minimum insurance coverage. Therefore, your RV should always be insured. However, if you go for the most basic plan, you won’t be covered when other people rent your RV.

Reasons You Need Additional Coverage

Whether you’re paying a lender or your RV is completely paid off, you must protect your investment. Even the most responsible renter can accidentally cause damage you’ll have to cover. Your renter could get hurt inside the RV or hit another vehicle, which you’d be responsible for without the right insurance plan. 

Essential Coverage Options

While you might have gotten away with just liability insurance for the vehicle when you were the one using it, now you have to think about other people. Property damage liability insurance will cover you if the renter damages another vehicle, and bodily injury liability insurance will cover emergency medical care for injuries sustained by others. You should also consider collision insurance to cover your RV if a renter collides with another vehicle and comprehensive insurance to protect you in non-collision-related incidents like fires or storms.  

Looking for Insurance in Spring Grove, IL?

You don’t have to navigate the world of RV insurance alone. At Spring Grove Insurance our agents know everything you need to know to pick a plan that meets your unique needs. 

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